Q: $3999 for a 10'x10' kitchen is too cheap, that means the quality is poor, right?
A: We're proud to say at Cabinet Factory Outlet - this isn't way too cheap. This is one of our standard packages we offer quite often :). We only sell real wood cabinets to fit your design, and yes, it includes 3cm granite. We'd love for you to come in and see our selection.

Q: How are your prices so low?
A: We've been in the Flooring and Cabinet business for 15+ years. We have a huge buying power with our amount of stores and can buy high quality for less, without the big brand markup. We buy our cabinets from trusted brands like Waypoint and we work with local fabricators to give our customers the best prices possible.

Q: Are your cabinets real wood?
A: Yes! We sell all wood cabinets, although we offer other options as well.

Q: Solid wood vs MDF, isn't solid wood better?
A: Not always. While solid wood is beautiful and and sturdy, the Florida heat and humidity can really do a number on it's structure. Unless these factors are carefully controlled cabinets and doors can shrink, crack or buckle. This is precisely why most painted cabinets are MDF, to avoid the cracks in the paint, thus saving your beautiful cabinetry for years to come.

Q: Does Cabinet Factory Outlet install cabinetry?
A: Our company itself does not install cabinets, however, we do have a list of licensed and insured contractors in your area who we trust to complete your installation with professionalism and care. See our installation guide here.