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Revamp, Repurpose, Recreate: What to Do with Old Cabinets

As the years go by, our homes undergo various changes and upgrades, leaving us with the dilemma of what to do with old cabinets that may no longer suit our evolving tastes or functional needs. Rather than letting them gather dust in storage or ending up in a landfill, there are several creative and sustainable ways to give your old cabinets a new lease on life. 

Explore some exciting options for repurposing and upgrading those cabinets, adding both functionality and style to your living spaces.

What to do with old cabinets to remodel your kitchen or bathroom


Upcycling for a fresh look

One of the most environmentally friendly approaches to dealing with old cabinets is upcycling. Instead of discarding them, consider giving your cabinets a fresh look with a new coat of paint or stain. Choose a color that complements your current decor or go bold with a vibrant hue to create a statement piece. Adding new hardware, such as handles or knobs, can further enhance the transformation and give your cabinets a modern touch.

Transform into a stylish bookshelf

If you have wall-mounted cabinets or open-shelf units, repurposing them into a stylish bookshelf is a fantastic option. Remove the cabinet doors, paint or stain the interior shelves, and arrange your favorite books, decorative items, or collectibles for a personalized touch. This not only breathes new life into your old cabinets but also adds a functional and aesthetically pleasing element to your space.

Create a functional home office

Old cabinets can be repurposed to create a functional home office space. Remove the doors and use the shelves to store office supplies, files, and documents. Install a desktop or use the top surface as a writing space. You can even add a corkboard or whiteboard for organization and inspiration. This DIY office solution not only maximizes your cabinet's potential but also helps you stay organized and productive.

Craft a customized entertainment center

Transform your old cabinets into a customized entertainment center to showcase your television, media players, and decorative items. Remove doors to create open shelves for easy access and an airy feel. Add a fresh coat of paint or stain to match your living room's color scheme, and consider incorporating additional storage for DVDs, game consoles, or other media accessories. This repurposing idea allows you to design a unique entertainment center tailored to your specific needs.

Donate or sell and buy new cabinets in St. Augustine, FL and beyond!


If you're looking to part ways with your old cabinets and they are still in good condition, consider donating or selling them. Many charitable organizations, such as Habitat for Humanity ReStore, accept used cabinets and other home improvement items.

Alternatively, selling your cabinets online through platforms like Craigslist or Facebook Marketplace can provide extra cash while allowing someone else to benefit from your pre-loved furniture.

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When faced with old cabinets, there's no need to resign them to the fate of a landfill. Embrace creativity and sustainability by upcycling, repurposing, or donating your cabinets. These options not only contribute to a greener planet but also allow you to infuse your living spaces with unique, personalized touches. 

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