What materials do cabinets come in?

One of the unique things about kitchen and bathroom cabinets is the variety of materials you can?access during the shopping process. Each one has a specific set of characteristics and benefits that can work together to give you the best results, so read along for more information.

Cabinetry comes in a variety of materials

Solid hardwood is an excellent choice, especially for kitchen cabinets, as they provide an extensive lifespan and provide some of the richest and most attractive d?cor matches in the industry. However, for more budget-conscious homeowners, fiberboard, plywood, or wood veneer cabinets can also be a reasonable option for this space, with many of the same visual?results.

Aluminum and glass cabinets are also suitable in this space, offering extremely hypoallergenic options. For bathroom cabinets, you might opt for any materials that provide a bit of protection against the high levels of humidity that are often found in this space.

Particleboard is a budget cabinetry material but should not be placed in areas where moisture and dampness are prevalent. When you visit our showroom, our specialists will help you choose a material that caters to your specific need, so be sure to stop by today.

We look forward to helping you find the perfect bathroom and kitchen cabinets

Cabinet Factory outlet offers excellent materials for your kitchen and bath remodel, including matched services that help create the results you want and need. Be sure to speak at length with our associates, who will work tirelessly to ensure your best experience, no matter how small or large.

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