Three tips for matching floors with cabinets

Three tips for matching floors with cabinets

Remodeling your kitchen or bathroom cabinets is an exciting opportunity. But when you add flooring into the remodel, it can create some questions.

Matching these pieces can be tricky, depending on your options and preferences. But here are three tips for matching flooring and cabinets to help you manage the remodel better.

Pairing materials from floors to cabinets

You can choose only so many materials for your kitchen or bathroom flooring. And the same is true for cabinet materials as well.

Consider the many combinations you'll see as you browse our inventory. We can tell you more about any kitchen cabinets and flooring combo you see.

Decide whether you'll complement or contrast

One of the most significant considerations for matching these components deals with visual appeal. Should you complement or contrast these pieces with one another?

Complementing almost matches the two, with just enough difference to separate them. Contrasting can help create tactful visual appeal without overwhelming one or the other.

Trendy material combinations for cabinets and flooring

You'll find trends in every remodeling niche, so why not in material combinations? Some specific visual combinations work best for certain decor schemes.

The more you learn about bathroom cabinets and flooring options, the better your home can look. And it's worth your time to find out more about them.

Visit our showroom for the perfect cabinets

Cabinet Factory Outlet is a great place to start your remodeling experience. Our experienced associates will be happy to help you browse our extensive inventory.

You're sure to find the perfect mix for both spaces. And we'll make sure your search is successful.

When ready to match your flooring and bathroom or kitchen cabinets, visit our showroom in St. Augustine, FL. If you live in Port Orange, Ormond Beach, or Ocala, stop by for a professional consultation any time.