How to match cabinets with flooring

How to match cabinets with flooring

Matching can be important when you're remodeling your kitchen or bathroom cabinets. The perfect floors and cabinets can work well with a bit of preplanning.

If you already have floors, they will dictate the cabinet look and vice versa. Again, this seems small, but it can significantly impact your existing or new decor.

Which goes first, flooring or cabinets?

Cabinetry is usually installed before flooring, so the floors can be cut to fit the new cabinets. However, some homeowners choose the cabinets long before the remodel is finished.

In cases like this, you'll cater to your existing kitchen and bathroom cabinets to get the best look. And with extensive visuals, there are many ways to do this.

But if you're replacing both simultaneously, especially in bathrooms, the task could be more accessible. Ask which materials, textures, and features work together best in your space.

Special material needs in specific spaces

Waterproof materials are often preferred in kitchens because spills happen all the time. But it's more of a necessity when it comes to bathroom placement.

Bathrooms have a reputation for humidity, dampness, and splashing, which could result in water damage. Bathroom cabinets should work well in any space, primarily where damage could occur.

If you have a specific need or preference, let us know. We'll work hard to ensure your remodels are everything you want and need them to be.

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